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Paris Hilton shares who is on her group text for parenting advice

"We’re always sending each other pictures or videos of what’s happening or just asking different advice.” 

As the name of her Peacock reality show states, Paris Hilton is in love ... with being a mom.

“There's nothing that brings me more happiness than just waking up every morning and seeing the smiles on their faces ... my heart melts," the 43-year-old mom of two tells "I love singing them my songs for my new album as their lullabies."

Hilton and her husband, Carter Reum, share two children together: 1-year-old son Phoenix and daughter London, whom the proud parents welcomed in November 2023. Both children were born via surrogate.

"They're so cute together," Hilton shares. "It's just so sweet watching just how gentle Phoenix is with little London. She just lights up when she sees him and just laughs and smiles, and it's just the cutest thing on the planet."

Even with two babies so close in age, the thrill of new motherhood hasn't worn off yet.

"I can't wait to be the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus," she says. "I'm so excited for all these memories. I feel like I'm healing my inner child with my little babies."

Joining the mom tribe

When she needs parenting advice or support, Hilton turns to her family.

"Everybody's having babies right now," she says. "So we're all on our cousin group chat, and we're always sending each other pictures or videos of what's happening or just asking different advice." 

Hilton says her sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild, a mother of three, is "amazing" at helping out. "As my mom said, 'It's nice to have family that you can go to for that advice.'"

Hilton may have had a number of ups and downs with her mother, Kathy Hilton, but she will always remember the advice her mother gave her when she was 8 years old: "Stay out of the sun."

She credits her mom with teaching her about eye creams, serums and neck creams ... and now Hilton is already helping her kids protect their skin.

After a bath, Hilton likes to give her babies a massage and "a little baby facial, which is just, like, moisturizer."

"Do they sell walls there?"

The socialite has learned a lot about motherhood in the past year, and she has teamed up with Walmart+ to pay it forward. As part of the megastore's “Mother of all Savings Memberships” campaign, Hilton will join other celebrity moms like Tia Mowry, Whitney Cummings and Barbara “Babs” Costello to answer questions and offer advice to real parents via TikTok.

"Obviously I've loved Walmart, all the way since 'The Simple Life' when I asked what it is and if they sell walls there," Hilton says with a smile. "That was iconic. So it's just a full-circle moment."

Hilton says her best advice for parents of newborns is to "get them on an amazing sleep schedule" and enjoy every stage of their lives.

She has often been told to "soak in every moment because they grow up so fast, and it's so true. Phoenix is just about to start walking and he's just grown up so much in the past year."

Hilton has shared Phoenix on her social media, but she didn't let the world lay eyes on London until late last week.

"My life has been so public, and I just wanted to keep my little girl to me, but everyone keeps asking to see her, and I can't hold that away from my fans," Hilton says.

On Friday, Hilton shared images of a sweet outdoor family photo shoot featuring her baby girl.

“Introducing London Marilyn Hilton-Reum,” Hilton wrote. “I’ve dreamed of having a daughter named London for as long as I can remember.”

Protecting children

Becoming a mom has made Hilton even more determined to encourage legislators to pass a bill that would protect teens today from going through the abuse she experienced as a student at the Provo Canyon School in Utah. In switching to this topic, her voice instantly becomes serious and determined.

"Being a mom now, I want to protect children more than ever," she says. "So many of these schools take advantage of families, and all they care about is profit. It's just horrifying just to hear what's been happening. And so many children have been dying in the name of treatment."

In an interview with NBC News in Oct. 2021, Hilton said that while at the Utah school, she was "choked, slapped, spied on while showering and deprived of sleep."

She says her parents were "heartbroken" to learn about their daughter's experience. Hilton wants other families to know "what is happening behind closed doors." She also wants survivors to know that there's no need to feel guilty or responsible.

Hilton says that she's "proud" to use her voice to make a difference. She has helped change the law in eight states and has helped introduce a bill to Congress that would require oversight of “troubled teen” facilities. "You shouldn't be ashamed of what someone did to you. They should be ashamed," she says.

"Doing this advocacy work has been the most fulfilling work I've ever done in my life," says Hilton. "I really believe that this is my mission and my purpose in life and I'm just really proud of all the impact that has been made so far since I've told my story."