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56 Mother's Day songs to honor the special mom in your life

Celebrate your favorite lady this year with a playlist of tunes curated especially for her.

Mother’s Day is about celebrating all the wonderful things moms do. And, seriously, who can argue that, out of everyone, they do so much? That's why it's important to honor and appreciate moms of every kind on Mother’s Day and all the other days of the year, too.

This year, on May 12, don't forget to recognize the special woman in your life with a personalized gift, bouquet of spring flowers or by making her breakfast in bed. But, if you really want to show her all the love, go the extra mile and share your feelings with this playlist of Mother's Day songs.

From Beyoncé to Billy Joel, we've left it up to the pros to express all the feels in this comprehensive list of heartfelt and upbeat songs. In the curated collection below, you'll find tunes that'll bring a tear to her eye like Taylor Swift's sweet ode to her mom in “The Best Day,” as well as fun, toe-tappers like Sister Sledge's “We Are Family.”

There are also country songs, current hits and classics from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s to ensure you cover all the bases or to help inspire your own mixtape of timeless tunes for dear Mom.

Either way, you can't go wrong with any of these hits, because this playlist of Happy Mother's Day tunes is guaranteed to strike a chord in her heart.

'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong

Let your mom know that, thanks to her, it truly is a wonderful world just because she's in it. This Louis Armstrong classic from 1967 is a time-honored favorite.

“You Make My Dreams” by Daryl Hall & John Oates

She'll be up and dancing to this toe-tapper from 1980. It's also the perfect tribute song given that it's moms that often make their children's dreams come true.

“Forever and Always by Shania Twain

Let the special lady in your life know that there will always be a place in your heart for her, forever and always, and all the rest of your days.

“Ring Off by Beyoncé

Queen Bey pays tribute to her mother, Tina Knowles, in “Ring Off.” The 2014 song is all about the sacrifices the elder Knowles made in the name of the name of love and finding herself again amidst the aftermath of divorce.

“Mother Know Best” (from “Tangled”) by Donna Murphy

What are mothers for if not to catastrophize everything from the terrible dangers of stepping outside to ruffians, poison ivy, thugs and quicksand? This tongue-in-cheek classic from the movie “Tangled” will make you both laugh at its accuracy.

“Mamma Mia” by ABBA

My, my! This 1975 song by ABBA is a must on your Mother's Day playlist and not just because the name of your favorite person is what this tune is all about, but also because it's so good it's the centerpiece of both a Broadway show and movie starring Meryl Streep.

“You'll Be in My Heart” by Phil Collins

If ever there was a song for moms, this one is it. Phil Collins' touching ode to mothers and children everywhere is an enduring favorite and is guaranteed to you and your mom wiping the tears away.

“A Song for Mama” by Boyz II Men

Best known for songs like "End of the Road," "I'll Make Love to You" and "One Sweet Day," Boyz II Men also had a hit with "A Song for Mama," a 1997 song about a mother's steadfast love and support.

“In My Daughter's Eyes” by Martina McBride

Country singer-songwriter, Martina McBride, sees the world through her daughter's eyes in this poignant ballad about living up to the faith your children have in you.

“Superwoman” by Alicia Keys

The incomparable Alicia Keys belts out this homage to the superwomen who make it all happen. Yep, the sisters, mothers, grandmas and all the rest of the ladies who can – and do – it all.

“The Best Day” by Taylor Swift

No respectable Mother's Day playlist is complete without at least one Taylor Swift song. Featuring the sweetest video snippets of a young Taylor with her mom and lyrics that celebrate family love, "The Best Day" is absolutely a must.

“I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack

Lee Ann Womack perfectly sums up what mothers everywhere wish for their children: To take chances, live their dreams and find happiness while they're doing it.

“The Perfect Fan” by Backstreet Boys

In perfect, five-part harmony, the Backstreet Boys croon about the woman responsible for showing them everything they ever needed to know in order to go out and be successful in the world: Mom.

“Mama Said” by The Shirelles

After being released in 1961, "Mama Said," a song by girl group, The Shirelles, became a top-ten hit. The tune celebrates the steady advice doled out by a mother tells her children that they're good kids and despite encountering adversity, all will be OK.

“Home” by Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips reminds everyone that home is wherever the people you love are in this passionate, heartfelt song. "If you get lost, you can always be found," he sings. And never forget, "you're not alone."

“Mama's Song” by Carrie Underwood

In "Mama's Song," Carrie Underwood reassures her mother that even though she's grown up and found herself a man, he's good to her and thanks to the values she's instilled, her "baby" can now fly all on her own.

“You Are the Sunshine of My Life” by Stevie Wonder

Your mom is undoubtedly the sunshine of your life, the apple of your eye and no one does it better than Stevie Wonder in this upbeat 1972 classic.

“I'll Be There” by Mariah Carey

Who's there for you when you're down and out? That's right. It's your mom. Originally recorded by the Jackson 5, this cover by Mariah Carey will give you and your mom all the feels.

“Turn to You” by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber honors the woman who worked two jobs to put a roof over his head, filled him with strength and stood by his side no matter what. Naturally, he's talking about his mom in this touching tribute song.

“Our House” by Madness

The '80s classic, "Our House," is a toe-tapping hit that's stood the test of time. This Madness tune perfectly captures the chaos of life in a typical family and a mom who never lets anything slow her down and a mess is not allowed.

“My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

This 2006 Rascal Flatts song captures the heartfelt wish of moms and dads everywhere; that their children's wishes stay big, their worries small and that they never forget that somebody out there loves them more than anything.

“Somebody's Hero” by Jamie O'Neal

She may not be a rockstar, surrounded by screaming fans, or ball player who knocks it out of the park. Nope, she's just an average girl, but in the eyes of her children, this mom's a hero.

“The Sweetest Gift” by Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris pair up in this old country duet about a mother whose love for her son doesn't waver, despite the fact he's gone to prison. She brings him no parole or pardon, just her sweet smile.

“Home” by Daughtry

Like pretty much everyone, there's only place Daughtry wants to go when things get tough and looking at the same faces begins to get old and that's home, the place where he belongs.

“In My Life” by The Beatles

A cut off The Beatles' "Rubber Soul" album, "In My Life" perfectly captures the ache that comes with the passage of time and the love we feel for those who've come and gone throughout our lives.

“Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson

As difficult as it may be, it's what every parent wants for their child – to watch them spread their wings, learn how to fly and breakaway to pursue their dreams.

“Do I Make You Proud” by Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks took home the top prize in "American Idol" back in 2006, but it's "Do I Make You Proud" that really deserves the trophy. A song about hoping you've made someone proud along the way to accomplishing your dreams, it's a true tear-jerker.

“100 Years” by Five for Fighting

If you're a parent, grab the tissues. Five for Fighting poignantly sums up how quickly time flies in "100 Years." One minute you're 15 and the next, you're turning 45. There's no time like the present when you've only got 100 years to live.

“Whenever You Remember” by Carrie Underwood

A track off Carrie Underwood's first album, this sweet ballad is the perfect accompaniment to your mom's highlights reel of happy times spent together.

“93 Million Miles” by Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz sings about the loving advice he received from his parents and the reminder that no matter where he ends up in life, home will always be there waiting for him.

“Home” by Michael Bublé

You can travel the world over but, in the end, there's simply no place like home. No one captures the yearning for something familiar better than Michael Bublé in this heartfelt song.

“We Are Family” by Sister Sledge

The entire family will be doing the Disco Duck around the kitchen to this classic '70's tune by Sister Sledge. Like the song says, "Get up everybody and dance!"

“Count on Me” by Bruno Mars

When the chips are down, who's the first person you want to call? Your mom, naturally. And, thankfully, she always there when you need her.

“The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert

Country singer-songwriter, Miranda Lambert, sings about the many memories a home holds and they can found everywhere from handprints left in the cement to the old oak tree in the backyard beneath which the family dog forever rests.

“Our House” by Crosby, Stills. Nash & Young

If your house is a very, very fine house and you've got two cats in the yard, this Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song is for you. Even if you don't, this homage to the simple joys of family life is a classic.

“Daughters” by John Mayer

Fathers and mothers should be good to their daughters. Why? Well, beyond the obvious reasons, one day daughters will grow up to be mothers themselves, at least according to John Mayer in this lovely little song from 2003.

“Family Affair” by Sly & The Family Stone

The good and the bad, it's all just a family affair. Sly & The Family Stone drive home the message that when it comes down to it, blood is always thicker than water in this 1971 song.

“I'll Always Love My Mama” by The Intruders

Toes will be tapping to this upbeat ode to mamas by The Intruders. With lyrics like, "I'll always love my mama/She's my favorite girl/I'll always love my mama/She brought me in this world," it's a true Mother's Day classic.

“She” by Elvis Costello

A song off the "Notting Hill" soundtrack, Elvis Costello's "She" is all about the unpredictability of a woman (beauty or beast, it can go either way) and why, good or bad, it's something to be celebrated.

“Grandma's Hands” by Bill Withers

Bill Withers remembers his grandmother in this stirring song about his grandmother's loving hands and his wish that when he goes to heaven, he'll be able to see them once again.

“Isn't She Lovely?” by Stevie Wonder

Inspired by the birth of his daughter, if you listen closely, you can hear a baby crying in the opening chords of Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely," a song written in her honor.

“The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston spent three weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 1986 with "The Greatest Love of All," a tribute to fostering the inherent beauty in children, then watching as they come into their own.

“Homeward Bound” by Simon & Garfunkel

Written about spending life on the road, Simon & Garfunkel's "Homeward Bound" captures the feeling of spending endless days away from the place where your heart truly longs to be – home.

“Celebrate Me Home” by Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins turns on his love light in this treasure of a tune that has him wistfully imagining he's surrounded by his circle of loved ones, even when he's far away from home.

“Teach Your Children” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Featuring the lush harmonies of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, "Teach Your Children" is a time-honored song about what children glean from the world around them. The 1970 song features the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia on the steel pedal guitar.

“Lullaby” by The Chicks

"Lullaby" is a touching tribute by The Chicks about the love a mother has for her child. With sweet lyrics like "Life began when I saw your face," it's what mothers everywhere feel holding their newborn for the first time.

“Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)” by Billy Joel

You oughta know by now, that you should never argue with a crazy, mamamamama. At least according to Billy Joel, anyway. Not all Mother's Day songs have to be sentimental. This hit by the Piano Man about movin' out and buying a house in Hackensack is the perfect sing-along addition to your Mother's Day playlist

“The Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell

One day the kids are laughing on the merry-go-round and the next, they're off to college. This tender Joni Mitchell song chronicles the seasons of life in all their bittersweet glory.

“Sweetest Devotion” by Adele

A cut of Adele's "25" album, the "Sweetest Devotion" was written for the singer-songwriter's young son Angelo and features the touching lyrics, "Hitting me like an explosion/All of my life, I’ve been frozen/The sweetest devotion I’ve known."

“Unknown Legend” by Neil Young

Whether your mom rides a Harley Davidson or not, she's still a legend to you and everyone else in her life. Celebrate all she does with this melodic Neil Young song that features Linda Ronstadt on backing vocals.

“The Mother” by Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile's folk song, "The Mother," sums up the complexities and joys that accompany raising a child.

“You're Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins

It's all about living in the moment and in "You're Gonna Miss This," Trace Adkins cautions that if you spend your life always looking ahead instead of being in the present, you may end up regretting it and wishing the days hadn't gone by so fast.

“Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys

This mom is on fire. Let her know that when it comes to being the best, she absolutely is. Celebrate your mother's many accomplishments and let her know that today and every day, she's at the top of her game.

“You've Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman

Randy Newman's hit song from the animated movie "Toy Story" is all about camaraderie and getting through life with your best pal by your side. And who can you always count on when you need a friend the most? Your mom, of course, which makes this song the perfect add to any Mother's Day playlist.

“Dear Mama” By Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur pays tribute to his mother, a single mom who he can only hope to one day payback for all she did to take care of him and keep him happy in deeply-heartfelt song "Dear Mama."

“7 Years” by Lukas Graham

Everyone knows that moms give the very best advice and that's what Lukas Graham sings about in this song about growing up and gaining wisdom in the process. "Once, I was seven years old, my mama told me, 'Go make yourself some friends, or you’ll be lonely,' Graham sings. True that.