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Luke Bryan slips on phone mid-show — and fans praise him for ‘grace and even humor’

The "Crash My Party" singer took quite a tumble, thanks to a phone placed on stage.
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Luke Bryan suddenly slipped and fell on stage while performing during a recent tour stop in Canada. The culprit? A fan's cellphone.

The "American Idol" judge was adjusting his baseball cap and crossing the stage when he plunged to the floor with an audible thud, as seen and heard in a video captured by fans. The performance was part of the Coast City Country festival that took place over the weekend in Vancouver. Bryan also recently kicked off his “Mind Of A Country Boy Tour” tour in Canada with stops in Calgary and Edmonton.

While still lying flat on the ground, Bryan raised his hands in the air before sitting up, smiling and holding up the cellphone that tripped him. He continued to chuckle as he stood, appearing to be uninjured.

"It's OK. Hey, my lawyer will be calling," he teased in a clip shared on social media, seeming to address the fan who owned the phone.

In the same clip, which now has 10 million views on X, Bryan asked the audience if anyone captured the moment on video. He then watched it on another fan's phone while still on stage, and the replay also aired on the venue's big screen.

"I need some viral," Bryan said when the replay ended. "This is viral, right?"

His fans flooded the comments with support.

"I love him and I am glad he is okay! I saw him in concert and he’s one of my favorites!" one fan wrote.

"Great example to us all as how to handle our stumbles with grace and even humor. Good for Luke Bryan! This is what called being likable looks like," another added.

"At least one celebrity can laugh at themselves," a third said.

Bryan's tour continues into mid-September and is currently scheduled to wrap up in Tampa, Florida. Special guests who will be joining him throughout the tour include Lily Rose, Tenille Arts and King Calaway.

His next performance is April 24 in the city of Saskatoon based in Saskatchewan, Canada.