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How to pick a wedding date using astrology

Astrologer Alice Bell, author of "Trust Your Timing," breaks down what to look for in a date.
Astrology chart with wedding rings
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Astrology can shed light on a person’s general disposition and life path. But it’s also a useful tool for making decisions in the present moment. By studying planetary movement, you can see how the planets and their intersections your birth chart, and make assessments about how that will impact you.

The study of events and the cosmos’ intersection is called “electional astrology.” It involves using an election chart, rather than a birth chart, to determine the best dates for significant life events — like weddings. Yes, it’s possible to consult the stars before picking a date for your “big day.”

Alice Bell, astrologer and author of the book "Trust Your Timing", is currently planning her own wedding this year. Of course, she used astrology to whittle down her June date.

“I always wanted to get married during Gemini season because it rules my 11th house and that brings people together. I saw there was going to be a conjunction between Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Gemini in my 11th house, so I timed it to happen right after the New Moon in Gemini on June 6,” she said.

How can you do the same? Bell recommends drawing up charts for the potential wedding date, as well as your natal chart and your partner’s. Look at all three charts and identify the most beneficial transits, or movements.

Planning a wedding? Here's what to look for in your chart

When picking a wedding date, Bell says to pay close attention to the moon, which represents emotions and familial bonds, as well as Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.


Venus governs love and relationships. If your natal Venus is in conjunction with the transiting moon on your wedding day, it's a symbolic union of your need for love with an emotionally resonant day. Venus' connections with Jupiter represent an abundance of love, and Mercury means an expressive heart. This is true of either natal Venus aspecting these transiting planets, or transiting Venus these natal planets.


Jupiter is considered a lucky planet and is associated with growth and expansion. Pay attention to whether you have a Jupiter transit at the time of your wedding.

Is Jupiter, for example, returning to the sign it was in when you were born, happens ever 12 years? Or, maybe it’s is sextile to your sun, which is a time for making plans for the future. 

Bell’s fiancé has an auspicious Jupiter transit in his seventh house of partnerships starting in late spring. Since the seventh house pertains to both longterm partnerships and contracts, this transit is an ideal time for them to formalize a strong and lasting connection.


Saturn, a planet of responsibility, is considered the glue to long-term relationships, and is important in compatibility.

But it's also a planet that can limit emotions and act as an authoritative figure. If you're planning a party, consider its placement: You don't want it in the fifth house of fun, for example, putting a damper on the festivities.


Bell says you can look at various aspects of the moon when wedding planning. 

Full moons, thought to illuminate matters on Earth, are a great time for a wedding. Similarly, the new moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, symbolizing the start of a new life together. It can also help manifest the couple’s deepest dreams and desires for their future together.

Getting married under certain moon signs is considered auspicious. The most promising moon signs to get married under are Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces.

The moon in Taurus is celebratory time, perfect for building connections and making commitments. Cancer is ruled by the moon, and promotes deep emotional connections. 

The moon in Sagittarius and Pisces are both considered lucky. The Sagittarius is ideal for couples seeking an adventurous and fun-filled marriage, filled with excitement and passion. On the other hand, the Pisces moon could create a couple that never stops dreaming.


Consider the planets in the first, fourth, fifth, seventh and 10th houses for a prospective wedding date. 

The first house represents the self, the fourth house represents the home and family, the seventh house represents partnerships and contracts and the 10th house represents public affairs. 

As you’re getting married, you’re changing your public image, so the 10th house is particularly important. 

Finally, don’t forget to look at the fifth house, which represents parties and fun, for an additional aspect to consider.

Is there a bad time to get married, astrologically speaking?

Bell says to consider eclipses and retrogrades when choosing a wedding date. 

Eclipses have unpredictable effects on emotions, astrologically speaking. While there were weddings planned in tandem with the recent solar eclipse, astrologers tend to caution against weddings on that day.

If you do decide to get married during a retrograde, it’s best to ensure that the planet is in a “cazimi” aspect to the sun, which means that the retrograde planet is exactly connected to the sun.

Holding a wedding during Mercury retrograde is not considered favorable. This is because the planet Mercury governs contracts, and when it’s in retrograde motion, it can cause issues or faults in the contract. 

However, if the wedding contract is signed during a non-retrograde period, it’s OK to plan the party during retrograde. But it’s advisable to avoid this element to prevent unforeseen issues from arising on the wedding day.

There is no such thing as a perfect wedding date — but using these tools, the stars may be even more on your side.